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If you are looking for Hair Transplant in Islamabad or in love with yourself, it is normal for you to love your skin and rest of the body. The more you take care of your skin, the better it becomes. Your food intake, lifestyle choices, and the climate around you may cause serious issues to skin and other parts of the body. The Cosmesurge International Hospital has got you covered. If you live in Rawalpindi, Islamabad, or any other part of Pakistan, we offer a variety of cosmetic treatments to help you get rid of all the aesthetic issues. We are well-equipped with the latest medical technologies. You might feel low and your confidence level may dive if your skin or body has some issues. If you want to regain the lost confidence and want to become more attractive; look no further than the Cosmesurge Cosmetic Surgery Clinic where you get all treatments at a low cost.

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The doctors and surgeons who work with us are globally renowned for their medical services. Our doctors are affiliated with prestigious medical boards and professional bodies from Pakistan and other countries. Our hair specialist in Rawalpindi and Best Skin specialist in Rawalpindi Saidpur road are specialized in the laser treatments, skin care, cosmetic surgery, hair transplant, gynecology, etc.

Dr. Yasir Alla Qudre Hair Transplant Surgeon

Dr Yasir Alla Qudre

Hair Transplant & Cosmetic Surgeon

Dr Ihtasham Chaudhary

General Surgeon

Dr Ashar Alamghir

E.N.T Surgeon

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