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Surgical Scar Revision

Surgical Scar Revision in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & PakistanSurgical scar revision in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan is a cosmetic surgery that involves blending of scars on any area of the body for balancing the tone with surrounding healthy skin. The common reason of scar formation is the poor healing of wounds. This may appear due to injury, burn, cuts or accident. Scars give unattractive and displeasing look to the sufferers. Surgical scar revision treats discoloration, irregularities and thick clusters of scars that results in improved skin contour. This fading approach is performed after few days of scar excision.

Results and Benefits:


The results vary person to person. Each individual come up with different results as it depends on size, appearance and health condition of the patient. The cause of scar also play significant role in delivering diverse results. COSMESURGE is delivering long lasting results in collaboration with expert team and surgeon. It may take months to fully heal and fade the scars.


  • Reduces appearance of scar
  • Improves skin texture and tone
  • Flattens areas of scarred tissues
  • Blends the scars making them less noticeable
  • Aids in restoring flexibility of damaged muscles

Who Is Candidate?

People who want to improve drastic appearance of scars for personal satisfaction and not to impress others should go for surgical scar revision. After initial consultation with the surgeon you can be preferred for the candidacy if:

  • You aren’t an acne sufferer
  • You are medically and physically fit
  • You have positive outlook for the treatment
  • You have severe scar on any part of the body
  • You are not suffering from skin allergy or sensitivity

Aim of Treatment:

Surgical scar revision in Islamabad is playing dominant role involving cosmetic technique that aims to correct the function and texture of damaged skin tissues. Once you get the treatment the scars becomes less noticeable, fade and shrink with age. With the aim of improving scar appearance, the treatment also corrects blood vessels and veins enabling normal functioning of skin. The major goal found for scar revision is to reduce the pressure on wound during entire healing process.

Techniques We Use:

Variety of surgical techniques is used by surgeons and dermatologists to come up with the severity of wounds.

  1. Surgical excision:

A widely used surgical procedure when medications and other treatments do not deliver the desired results. This treatment in most cases is done for the scars that are in large size and are damaged badly. Surgical excision is done by cutting and removing the scar tissues. By doing so the goal of size reduction is achieved. When done in series or stages, it is termed as ‘serial excision’.

  1. Flaps, grafts and artificial skin:

Healthy skin tissues are separated and grafted on the affected area. These grafts are inserted in order to treat wounds and scar that may result due to injury or trauma when there is no skin to cover the incisions. Flap of skin or thin layers of skin are replaced from one part of the body and are replaced to the area of scar.

  1. Z-plasty and W-plasty:

Both types of surgeries are paying role in reduction of scar visibility. Lines and creases are repositioned and corrected in the skin of the patient.

  • Z-palsty involves creation of Z-shaped incision in the wound. The straight line of scar tissue is break into very smaller units.
  • W-plasty involves same goal of reducing scar appearance as that of Z-plasty. It changes straight line of scar into line with irregularities. This is achieved by making incisions in zig-zag pattern.

The major different that lies between these two surgical techniques is that the construction and relocation of skin flaps is not require in W-plasty procedure.

  1. Laser skincare and Dermabrasion:

These treatments work by removing top layer of skin and is also termed as ‘ablative skin treatment’. This is done in order to fade the scars on any part of the body.

  • Dermabrasion involves use of a medical tool comprising a wheel with very speed that is rotated over the scar. Epidermis is eradicated that aids in scar removal.
  • Laser resurfacing functions same as that of dermabrasion. This technique is less popular and involves use of carbon dioxide laser beams. Lasers are penetrated through then skin with accuracy and precision. Laser resurfacing is usually performed after five days of scar excision.


Initially, swelling, bruising and little irritation can occur on the treated area. This takes about 2 weeks to get in normal condition. The healing process continues for several weeks to give optimal results. Treated scars slowly refine and fade with the passage of time.

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Choosing the right plastic surgeon for your scar revision surgery in Islamabad & Rawalpindi can significantly increase your chances of getting the treatment you expect. Cosmesurge International Hospital offers safest techniques to reduce the appearance of your ugly looking scars. Fill in the consultation form to book your appointment and meet our expert surgeons.