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Breast Reconstruction

Breast Reconstruction Surgery in Islamabad

It is the surgical procedure that is carried out to reshape and resize the breasts. Breast Reconstruction Surgery in Islamabad, Rawalpindi is recommended for women who have done with breast cancer surgery in order to build the look of their breasts. It allows the surgical team to plan the best treatment for you, even if you decide to wait and have reconstructive surgery later.

Results and Benefits:


A bit of change in appearance is observed after the treatment. But over weeks and sometimes months, healing process continues and after that reveals the final results. Breast Reconstruction Surgery  in Islamabad, Rawalpindidelivers natural results that aid in restoring self-confidence of the sufferers.


  • Gives a balanced chest look
  • Regains the desired shape of breast
  • Brings back physical and emotional balance
  • Makes you feel happy about your body image
  • Offers a permanent way to have appearance of full bust again

Who Is Candidate?

Deciding whether or not to have a breast rebuilt is a very personal choice. Take time for deciding before having Breast Reconstruction Surgery  in Islamabad, Rawalpindi as it might affect you physically and emotionally. You are a good candidate if:

  • You are mentally stable
  • You want to restore breast or body shape
  • You have positive outlook towards treatment
  • You truly understand the diagnosis and procedure
  • You aren’t a sufferer of additional illness that may impair healing

Aim of Treatment:

Typically, Breast Reconstruction Surgery  in Islamabad takes place during or soon after mastectomy, and in some cases, lumpectomy. It aims to create breast shape by inserting artificial implant, placing flap of tissues from any other area of body or both. The reconstruction improves the appearance to make it proportional to other breast when only one breast is treated.

Technique We Use:

  1. Reconstruction using implants:

Implant reconstruction is performed at the same time as mastectomy. This technique uses implants that are inserted under the skin or chest muscle. Usually teardrop or round shape implants are used that are filled with silicone gel. This technique places the implants and doesn’t require skin from any other part of the body.  Silicone implants last between 10 and 20 years.

  1. Reconstruction using skin tissue:

It is called as flap technique that transfers flap of skin, fat or muscle from donor area of your body to the chest area. This is done in order to create breast shape. It is carried out after mastectomy or replaces breast tissues that have taken away during lumpectomy. Most commonly, a flap is generated from back or abdomen (tummy).

  1. Reconstruction using skin flap and implant:

It is performed when larger breast is reconstructed by using both a flap of tissues and implant. Reconstructed breast may look different in color and texture from the rest of breast as skin tissues are taken from different body part. This technique of Breast Reconstruction Surgery  in Islamabad is used for creating a very large sized breast.


Most of the women come up with swelling and bruising initially. Gauze or bandage is applied on the incision site to minimize the swelling. A support bra can also be used for supporting reconstructed breasts. Prescribed medications to apply or take orally, aid in healing better. Healing continues for several weeks. Continue to follow your plastic surgeon’s instructions and attend follow-up visits as scheduled.

Schedule a Free Construction

If you are thinking about breast reconstruction, either with an implant or flap, you need to know that reconstruction rarely, hides a return of breast cancer. You should not consider this a big risk when deciding to have Breast Reconstruction Surgery  in Islamabad, Rawalpindi. Build the shape of your breasts you look for with us. Fill in the form and have a free consultation with our expert consultant at Cosmesurge International Hospital.