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BRAVA Breast Augmentation

BRAVA Breast Augmentation Treatment In Islamabad

It is a non-surgical way for preparing natural breast augmentation. BRAVA is also referred as breast enlargement pumps that play effective role in growing larger breasts. BRAVA Breast Enlargement in Islamabad is considered a good option for people who commit time and energy. Before going into the procedure, you must made commitment to be honest with yourself. This system is gaining popularity by growing the breasts naturally through a non-hormonal way.

Results and Benefits:


Women at COSMESURGE who used the BRAVA system proclaimed an increase in volume of half to two – cup sizes. BRAVA Breast Augmentation in Islamabad, Rawalpindi induces tissue growth permanently without undergoing any surgery. Results vary among sufferers that depend on biological factors, frequency and time duration of use.


  • Assures zero rate of side effects
  • Naturally grows breast tissues of women
  • Improves the flow of blood to the breasts
  • Contributes in lesser risk of broaden areola
  • Involves non-surgical procedure – non-invasive
  • Aids in injected fat survival due to improved blood flow

Who Is Candidate?

All females who want to increase their breast size can go for this option. There is a criterion on the basis of which women are selected. You can be a candidate for BRAVA Breast Augmentation in Islamabad if:

  • You have stable body weight
  • You have asymmetrical breasts
  • You are between age of 18-80 years
  • You have ample fat deposits around the body
  • You have good skin elasticity and healthy tone

Aim of Treatment:

The major aim of BRAVA System for Breasts in Islamabad, Rawalpindi is to increase the size of breast. It is achieved by making use of a physiological process known as “tissue expansion”. When pressure is applied to the cells, they start to multiply more rapidly and increase the volume of tissues. Similar is the case with breasts. When steady pressure is applied to breast, BRAVA device strengthens expansion of breast tissues. These tissues get stretched and in return make space for injecting fat cells.

Technique we use:

This FDA approved treatment doesn’t demand any surgical procedure or medications. It simple involves use of a device that comes as tissue expander. It is put over the breast area externally and initiates the functionality accordingly. Tissue expansion is achieved by administering pressure to the breasts. BRAVA System in Islamabad also performs same function even when you are asleep. This technical procedure result in well- defined breast shape and bigger cups.

  • BRAVA Breast Reconstruction Procedure:

This device is also used for fat transferring mechanisms in order to reconstruct the breast. Once the tissues get expanded, it makes space for injected the fatty material. A large number of injections are given for achieving desire shape and size of the breasts.  The augmentation and reconstruction that is resulted through BRAVA device is a permanent quick fix for the sufferers. It doesn’t require any specific post-care program.


Soreness is usually experienced by the sufferers which settle down over time. It completely goes away at the end of third month. You are advised to get back to your routine work after 2-3 weeks of procedure. BRAVA Breast Enlargement in Islamabad typically requires 3 months for entire recovery process.

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