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AFT Breast Augmentation

AFT Breast Augmentation In Islamabad

AFT stands for Autologous Fat Transfer system in which a technique is used that aids in transferring large volume of fat from one area of the body to breast. AFT Breast Augmentation works for improving the shape of breast without long lasting negative implications. With the clarification in technique and safety evaluation of breast fat grafting, using women’s own fats now possible for augmenting the breasts.

Results and Benefits:

With AFT Breast Augmentation in Islamabad people come up with effective outcomes and no side effects. Simple breast augmentation also delivers successful results but is limited in terms of size and in most of the patients; transferred fatty material does not survive. AFT gives 100% natural results as it uses body’s own tissues.


  • It uses body’ own tissues
  • It is the outpatient procedure
  • It is minimally invasive technique
  • It avoids use of inserting implants
  • Swift recovery and excellent survival rate of fat
  • It reshapes breasts as well as totally reshapes the body
  • It is considered as more natural alternative to breast implants

Who Is Candidate of AFT Breast Augmentation

Anyone who wants to add volume to their breast can go for AFT Breast Augmentation in Islamabad. You are a good candidate for the treatment if:

  • Your skin is healthy and elastic
  • Your breast have requisite structure
  • You are healthy both mentally and physically
  • You have small and asymmetrical breasts due to genetics
  • You have decreased breast shape, size or volume due to aging
  • You have refrained from smoking & alcohol before one month of surgery

Aim of Treatment:

The major aim of the treatment is to increase the size of breast or buttock through a procedure of recycling fats from different parts of the body when they are in excess. It is done by making body contouring an appropriate and natural process. One of the biggest advantages of the procedure is that very minimal complications are usually involved as it gives body’s genetically compatible tissue to the breasts.

Technique We Use:

This surgical procedure of transferring fats to breasts is carried out under general anesthesia.           By using expertise and years of experience, our surgeon removes fats by undergoing liposuction to make the procedure safe and pain free as possible. Remove fat is further injected into breasts by creating small incisions. While breast augmentation through implants, requires a large incision. Following steps are performed during AFT Breast Augmentation in Islamabad:

  • Following technique of liposuction, fatty material from thighs, abdomen or love handle is removed.
  • Removed fatty tissues are further processed in sterile environment for removing impurities and liquids.
  • In the final step, surgeon injects purified fats in the breasts that add enough volume.


As there is no major tissue damage so the recovery from AFT Breast Augmentation in Islamabad, Rawalpindiis quite easy. People can go through their daily routine work as soon as possible due to its outpatient procedure. Numbness and bruising is usually experienced that subsides following prescription of painkillers and medications.

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