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Facelift in Rawalpindi & Islamabad

Facelift Treatment is one of the cosmetic procedures used to reduce signs of aging by removing wrinkles and tightening of saggy skin. Face creases and wrinkles can appear with age as well as the sign of harmful pollutants in environment and depression.  Cosmesurge International Hospital is providing Facelift Treatments in Islamabad to fulfill sufferers’ demands by giving natural fresh look. Surgeons are expert in lifting facial muscles and tissues in carrying out treatment to implement attractive contours of face, chin, or neck. More often such procedures also demand removal of excess fat to keep the appearance in proper shape.

Results And Benefits:

The treatment is considered by people who are going with improper face regularities or by people who want to follow the celebrities’ trends. Individuals, who desire to have symmetrical facial appearance, can come up by the treatments but results can vary person to person.


  • Tightening of loose saggy skin
  • Fold lines contours between nose and mouth
  • Jaws and cheeks jowls flourishing
  • Removes fatty tissues to overcome double chin
  • Removal of excessive fat from neck
  • Results lasts for 10 years


  • Proper configurations of facial cells, tissues and muscles
  • Brings back smoother look to facial appearance
  • Charming contours enhancing jaw line
  • Improves self-confidence by providing tighter skin
  • Withdrawal of wrinkles and signs of sun exposure

Who Is Candidate?

There are some specific requirements to be an ideal candidate for Facelift Treatment in Islamabad & Rawalpindi. Person with good medical health are usually preferred most. Going for the procedure you must:

  • Be a non-smoker
  • Have realistic expectations
  • Have loosen facial muscles and tissues
  • Have normal laboratory tests report prior to surgery
  • Have unambiguous bone structure for baking facial changes
  • Have more elastic skin for stretching underlying tissues during face lift

Aim Of Treatment:

With the aim of providing beautiful natural results, facial treatment is carried out be experience skilled practitioners. Such treatments are considered to make a person look considerably less than of his specified age. Gaining back of skin elasticity, improved skin tonicity, maintaining facial contours including cheeks, chin and neck, erasing extra skin folds and lines, serving you to age delicately are primarily focused.

Technique We Use:

A wide variety of surgical and non surgical techniques are available before going for the treatment. If you are interested in having a facelift, choose the best one for you according to skills of surgeon and your own skin texture. The most commonly used methods are listed below:

Surgical Techniques:

  • Full facelift:

It is the traditional technique used for improving facial appearance by making incisions in the skin. For tightening of muscles in face and neck, incisions are created around ears, hairline and chin. Dissection of facial muscles tightens the loosely bound muscles. Smoothly contoured neckline is obtained through suturing and dividing of muscle bands of neck. Following suturing, extra deposition of fatty material from neck, ears and jowls is removed to bring back the lost tightening of skin. Results can last for 5 years.

  • Mini lift (S-lift):

The steps involved are same as that of traditional facelift. This technique positions an S-shaped small incision, encompassing ears that results in lifting one third of face by altering shape of neck and chin. This treatment takes shorter recovery time as compare to full facelift.

  • Mid facelift:

Surgeons undergoing this treatment centers only eyes and cheeks rather than whole face. The treatment is playing role in removing eyes’ bagginess and tightening of underlying muscles of cheek bones. Incisions are marked in hairline and within mouth.

  • MACS lift/Quick lift:

Both are the modifications of S-lift.

  • Vampire facelift:

It is the most advancing technique that involves centrifugation of patient’s blood. Blood is sampled from the arm and allowed for centrifugation to separate the platelets. As platelets have regenerative property, these are injected into the face to increase the speed of healing process. Basically platelets encourage the production of collagen, giving patient a fresh healthy looking skin.

Non-Surgical Techniques:

  1. Botox
  2. Liquid facelift
  3. Laser facelift
  4. Dermal fillers
  5. Kybella etc


Patients suffering from Facelift Treatments in Islamabad can go up with their routine work within 2-3 weeks. Redness, numbness, swelling, minimal irritation can be felt in start. For better healing of surgical sites and best results, some of the instructions after treatment must be followed that are prescribed by your expert.

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