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Today most of the men don’t like them without beard. Full thick beards are common and fashionable among men of all ages signifying masculinity, maturity and pride in being a man. The fact, many celebrities are growing beard in order to follow the trends thinking that the beard is their exclamation point of masculinity. 50% of males find it difficult to grow full healthy beard or sideburns with even growth. Many factors such as burns, prior hair removal procedures or genetics play important in restricting the cultivation of beard. Cosmesurge is providing you a solution to help you in growing facial hair through ‘Beard Hair Transplant in Islamabad’. It is one of the most effective methods that is used for transplanting beard to scalp using FUE and tools. If you are unable to grow a thick beard and feel a little left out then don’t take stress. Come and opt for beard hair transplant for aesthetic reasons. It can completely change your facial appearance, giving it more contoured line and neatly shaved look. You can grow and keep up with sideburns, beard or mustache to have a very masculine appearance.

Who is Candidate For Beard Hair Transplant?

Beard hair transplant in Islamabad and Rawalpindi technique gives effectually any client the opportunity to have full beard he wants. You are doubtlessly an acceptable candidate for the surgery if you:

i Want to switch the pattern

ii Have genetic male pattern hair loss

iii Want to improve the unnatural appearance

iv  Have thin or uneven patches in grown beard

v  Have hair loss secondary to burns or trauma

vi  Want to change or restore the shape you desire

vii Want to add more maturity to your personality

Beard Hair Transplant Techniques:

Two techniques are effectively used for beard hair transplant that helps in enhancing one’s appearance:

a) Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) or strip method:

It is one the complicated techniques in which a strip of hair to be removed is trimmed dissecting into individual follicles. One of the major advantages is that number of follicle units can be grafted in one session.

b) Follicular unit extraction (FUE):

Relatively modern technique that uses a pneumatic punch as a tool to extract the grafts one by one. This technique has been developed to expose patients to no risks.

Beard Transplant Procedure:

Depending on patient’s suitability and budget he extraction method can be FUE OR FUT.

i   In the first step follicular hair units are extracted from the donor area.

ii  They are processed to make them applicable facial hair follicles.

iii  Anesthesia is applied to the area of transplantation subsequently extracting and placing the hair in the solution.

iv  With the help of a needle and microscope, small microscopic slots are disposed on the recipient area.

v  One by one, the hairs are then placed in the slits with full care till aesthetically adequate beard will be formed.


The procedure of beard hair transplant in Islamabad takes 2-5 hours depending on number of grafts harvested. After first few days of the transplant tiny crusts are visible around each transplanted hair. The transplanted hair falls off at about fourth week, and regrows after 3-4 months and continue to grow for the rest of life. Results may vary from person to person and will be permanently shown over 12-18 months. Some may see results earlier some may see results later.


After the painless beard hair transplant, the patient can go home immediately.

i Anti-biotic or anti-inflammatory medications are not recommended

ii Transplanted hair fall off with in a week and continue to grow after about 3 months.

iii New grown hair will be having all the attributes of natural hair

iv New hairs can be washed, combed and shaved according to your desire.

Pre-Op Instructions:

Beard hair transplantation is a delicate process contributing in certain complications and limitations which will be explained to you during the consultation. Following instructions must be followed before the treatment:

  1. Avoid using alcoholic drinks
  2. Smoking is prohibited
  3. Stop using Rogaine products
  4. Design planning and medical assessment
  5. Avoid taking blood thinning medications

Post-Op Instructions:

There are some also important preparations that need to go after the beard hair transplant in Islamabad, Rawalpindi . Patient should follow the instructions for getting best healing results.

1) Avoid excessive sun exposure

2) Avoid physical activity for best healing

3) Avoid alcohol for one week after the procedure

4) Certain medications will be prescribed by the practitioner

5) Much care is needed when you are asleep

6) Do not bend for lifting any kind of weight

7) Avoid direct contact with UV rays

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