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waist sculpting treatment in Islamabad

It is one of the relatively effective procedures of body contouring techniques. This cosmetic procedure is used for reshaping the middle area of the body by providing safest contours. The technique involves removal of extra fats from the abdomen, thighs, buttock and groin as it gives bulgy look to overall body appearance. With removal of fatty material, tightening of skin tissues and repairing of abdominal muscles also play significant role in attractive sculpting of the waist.

Results and Benefits:


The treatment results in smooth, curvy and natural looking waist. Aesthetic outcomes depend on expertise of surgeon and equipments used. COSMESURGE is pleasing million of sufferers by delivering attractive waist contours.


  • Corrects body postures
  • Aids in body weight loss
  • Safest and effective approach
  • Provides strength to the backbone
  • Enhances and manages spinal curve
  • Gives attractive physical appearance
  • Boosts self-confidence and self-esteem

Who Is Candidate?

If you are searching for an effective solution to get an attractive and properly shaped waist you can be selected for waist sculpting in Islamabad. You are an ideal candidate if:

  • You are above age of 18
  • You are overall good in health
  • You want to tighten the midsection
  • You want to attain good body profile
  • You want to tone muscles of abdominal wall
  • You have true expectations towards the treatment

Aim of Treatment:

The treatment aims to sculpt and cinch the waist of people who want to get rid of their muffin top for getting a good body posture. Waist sculpting in Islamabad & Rawalpindi successively eliminates underlying fat when diet and exercise doesn’t respond. The techniques used achieve refined skin tone and lean body figure.

Techniques We Use:

The areas that need fat removal are dependent on three major techniques which will be decided by the surgeon. The techniques for performing waist sculpting are:

  1. Liposuction:

This is one of the minimally invasive techniques which are carried out under local anesthesia around the waist. Small incisions are created on the area that needs to be treated. Cannula is placed under the skin that sucks extra fat deposits. Liposuction ends by giving a very well-defined waist.

  1. Laser assisted liposuction:

It is more advanced than traditional liposuction. Treated area is made numb by applying local anesthesia. This will lead patient to no discomfort. This technique uses laser beams to target fatty material. Such lasers generate heat energy that play role in melting excessive deposition of fats. Following the procedure, the surgeon uses a cannula to extract out the damaged fatty material. Laser assisted liposuction is gaining more popularity because of its pain free characteristic.

  1. VASER Liposuction:

The technique is also termed as ultra-sound assisted liposuction used for improving skin texture and contours of the body. It involves ultra sound waves emitting from a device that liquefy the fat cells. Once the cells are liquefied they are sucked out with the help of cannula.


Once you are done with any of the above mentioned waist sculpting in Islamabad procedures your doctor will bandage the treated area to come through best healing process. By doing so created incisions heal faster. Sometimes the surgeon puts small tubes to accumulate blood and other fluids after the surgery.

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Waist sculpting procedure is an ideal and increasingly popular cosmetic surgery which is widely-used to shape the middle portion of the body into an attractive hourglass figure for women. Cosmesurge International Hospital in Islamabad and Rawalpindi is offering virtually painless, efficient and reliable method for regaining your lost attractive figure. Schedule your free consultation by filling the consultation form given below.