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Laser Snore treatment

Snoring is a condition that can occur in anyone. More commonly it takes place in male gender and people who suffer obesity. Snoring has the ability to get worse over age. It is not considered to be serious problem but it can be very irritating for bed partner. Non-surgical laser snore treatment in Islamabad and Rawalpindi has become common due to its successful outcomes. This treatment takes few minutes to solve the problem of hundreds of sufferers.

Results and Benefits:


The non-surgical treatment delivers effective, comfortable and affordable outcomes than traditional surgical procedures. Delivered results allow you to sleep easy, feel better and healthier. Advanced laser treatment reduces snoring up to 50%. This allows air to move freely without restriction through nose and mouth while sleeping. Laser snore treatment in Islamabad and Rawalpindi corrects airway limiting tissues to vibrate.


  • Can treat any level of sleep apnea
  • Effective and inexpensive technique
  • Aids in avoiding daytime sleepiness
  • Greatly improves breathing and sleep quality
  • Eliminates loud snoring and morning headaches
  • Positively affects energy-level and mental well-being

Who Is Candidate?

Your initial consultation with ENT specialist will let you know whether you are candidate of snore treatment in Islamabad or not. You can be a good candidate of the treatment when you let you know your doctor if any of the following spply to you:

  • You nap anytime and anywhere
  • You stop breathing during sleep
  • Your family tells you snore so loud
  • You are tired all day even after a full night sleep
  • You have no energy and wake up with headache

Aim of Treatment:

Snoring is a sound that is produced due to the vibration of soft tissues of airway during sleep. If you live with someone who snores or if you suffer from snoring yourself, you will know what a disturbing affect it can have on your enjoyment of sleep and relationships. With the aim of getting rid of this condition snoring laser treatment works by simply stimulating the body’s natural collagen, meaning it does not cut, remove tissue, leave a scar or hurt the patient at all, and doesn’t require any anesthetic or down time.

Technique We Use:

Majorly, two treatments are playing significant role in reducing snoring problem in people. Both the techniques deliver positive outcomes with improved breathing.

  1. Laser-Assisted Uvuloplatoplasty (LAUP)

It is one of the safest, more economical and comfortable approach for treating snoring. Following the procedure, laser beam is applied to vaporize soft palate and uvula. According to patient’s requirement, the number of procedures needed vary to obtain desired effect. These lasers perform their function without affecting tonsils.

2.     Radio-Frequency Ablation (Somnoplasty)

It is the advanced technique that involves shrinkage of tissues of soft palate. Heat (85ºC) is usually applied on the soft tissues that cause scaring beneath the skin. This minimally invasive technique that takes about 20 minutes in creating controlled lesions. Radio-frequency ablation is usually performed under general anesthesia. The procedure used is less painful and requires patients to undergo several treatments.


Little swelling can be experienced in the treated tissues after getting the laser snore treatment in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. It takes one to two weeks in improvement and continues up to several months. Applying ice pack on the neck can also help in relieving swelling. Notify your doctor if:

  • You suffer breathing difficulty
  • You find extreme difficulty in swallowing
  • You experience sudden bleeding from the surgical site

Schedule a Free Consultation

If you are a snorer or think you may have sleep apnoea we can help you find the cause, Cosmesurge International Hospital in Islamabad and Rawalpindi is offering the most suitable laser snore treatment for you. We offer consultations of around 1 hour when we will review your sleep condition and any health or related problems you may be experiencing. To book a consultation and find out if you are a good candidate for laser snoring treatment, fill in the consultation form today.