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Breast surgery in Pakistan

In today’s world women tend to go through many cosmetic processes for making their looks and personality pleasant. Among these all several processes one of the most common cosmetic surgical process among women is Breast Surgery also called breast augmentation. Women choose this process for several different reasons. As breast development occurs throughout in women’s life, some may want to reduce their breast size or they may consider their saggy breast as a threat to their self-esteem and confidence. Many women have un-even breast size problem that is why they undergo breast surgeries. Most women with breast cancer have the breast surgery as part of their treatment process. It helps in multiple ways for such patients, such as

  • Doctors recommend breast-conserving surgery for cancer patients to remove as much as cancer tumor as possible.
  • To check whether the cancer is at its earlier stage or has spread towards the lymph nodes(the axillary lymph nodes) in the underarm
  • Breast surgery is also used for breast reconstruction in a case where the breast is removed or damaged after removing cancer.
  • To avoid causing and to check symptoms of advanced breast cancer.

While women go through the breast augmentation process to enhance the size of their breast and to improve their shape, there are many women who go for breast reduction surgeries as well to reduce the breast size to get rid of back pain caused by heavy breast size. Breast surgeries are also helpful to lift large drooping breasts thus these surgeries play vital role in improving posture.

Breast surgery techniques:

Breast Augmentation:

Breast augmentation or breast enlargement is used to enhance breast size and to restore the shape if someone has lost volume because of weight loss or aging. Women tend to undergo these surgeries to look more attractive and to cure the breast cancer as well. Breast augmentation results in aesthetically pleasant breast shape with increased fullness and projection. This process is done by placing silicon or saline (salt water) breast implants.  Breast enlargement is sometimes also done along with the breast lifting.

Breast Reduction:

Breast reduction process is used to reduce disproportionate large breast size causing physical and mental affliction.  Breast reduction process is also known as reduction mammoplasty. In this process, surgeons remove excessive tissues, fat and skin from breasts.  Surgeons often go for liposuction when the breast size is only increased by fat and there is no extra skin.

Note: Liposuction is a process of sucking out extra fat by using cannula and pressure.


Breast Lifts:

Some women have saggy breasts because their skin is sensitive and not enough flexible to support breast’s weight. In this condition the breast tissues are very less as compared to the skin. This is called ptosis. The solution to this problem is called mastopexy in which excess skin is removed in order to lit a breast.

Areola Reduction:

Areola (the brown area around nipple) reduction surgery is used to reduce the areola size if the areola consists of more than the ideal diameter of 4.7 cm.  This procedure can be done for both genders and it’s a real quick and efficient process.

Male breast reduction:

This process is also called Gynecomastia. Due to the imbalance of hormones or estrogen, males usually face the problem of enlarged breast tissues which can cause nipple soreness and discomfort. Male breasts can also be increased due to excessive glandular tissues.  This leads men to have less self-esteem and confidence whereas this problem can also lead to mental and physical problems.

Precautionary Measures:

Women undergoing breast surgery in Pakistan can be infected within a few days so it is advisable to take precautionary measures beforehand. Some of these measures are as follows:

  • Avoid usage of deodorants: Before surgery, do not use deodorants so as to avoid infection. This is because deodorants can clog your hair ducts which may lead to infection.
  • Avoid shaving hair on day before surgery; small scratches can also lead to infection.
  • Use cleansing soap in shower on night before surgery so as to allow anti-septics work on your body.
  • Avoid drug usage: Approximately one week before surgery, start avoid drugs specially the ones including hemostasis in order to heal quicker.
  • It is advisable to use simple clothes which are easy to take off so as to avoid irritating the wound operated.
  • You must visit doctor regularly so as to get the process of wound’s healing regularly.
  • Bed rest is very important and must be taken into account so as to inform leave from work place in advance.
  • Patient must avoid self-medication of any form as they may hinder healing process or may even add up irreversible complications.


Breast surgery is a safe process but it can have some minor effects for some short period. For example patient can have a slight pain, bruising or swelling.