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Body Jet Liposuction

It is relatively an advanced technique than traditional liposuction and is also known as ‘Body Jet Water Liposuction’ or ‘Water Assisted Liposuction’ (WAL). It involves use of high concentration of water streams for removal of body fats. This cosmetic technique is considered to have more kind and mild nature as compared to other fat dislodging procedures. Body jet liposuction is becoming a new standard for people who want to get rid of excess fatty material from thighs, belly, arms and buttock.

Results and Benefits:


Outstanding results with little bruising and swelling are being delivered. Once the fatty deposits are removed, person comes up with properly contoured body posture. Depending on the expertise and equipments used long lasting outcomes are achieved. As each individual is unique so results can vary person to person. Aesthetic results become noticeable in days not in months.


  • Painless recovery process
  • Advanced technique with little downtime
  • More gentle way of eradicating fatty tissues
  • Builds up smooth, defined and leaner body figure
  • Delivers permanent results than traditional liposuction

Who Is Candidate?

It has become a difficult task and very hard work to maintain a good body figure today. Body jet liposuction in Islamabad is providing an optimal solution to both males and females in contouring their body. You can be selected as a good candidate for the treatment if:

  • You should have stable body weight
  • You are committed to healthy lifestyle
  • You want to shed fat to improve body look
  • You are not suffering from any serious body issue

Aim of Treatment:

With the aim of offering smooth and lean body posture, the treatment works by removing fatty cells and tissues with application of little force than traditionally used procedure of liposuction. This technique induces the power of water-jet to separate fat cells. Separated fat cells can be used in fat transfer mechanisms for breast enhancement, filler procedures and Brazilian butt lift. The technique is effectively playing a leading role to give pleasing body shape to the sufferers.

Technique We Use:

COSMESURGE is coming forward by using a technique that neglects discomfort and irritation during the entire procedure. Neck, jowls, arm, thigh, hips, abdomen and knees can be selected as area of treatment. The steps that are involved for carrying out the successful procedure are:

  • Local anesthesia is administered on the area of treatment. This is done so to avoid pain and discomfort.
  • The process is further preceded by creating very small incisions with the help of medical tools.
  • Water solution of very high concentration is forced through the incisions for the destruction of extra fat cells.
  • The power of water jet allows cannula to move freely for sucking out the fatty material.
  • Incisions are closed by using sutures and the process completes.


The treatment comes up with less bruising, swelling and downtime than traditional liposuction. Patients practically go through smooth and long lasting results with no discomfort during the entire recovery period. Temporary pain and numbness can be experienced on the treated area. Many of the people fully recover within 5 days. This depends on health and age of the sufferer.

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Candidates who want to remove stubborn body fats through Body Jet Liposuction in Islamabad & Rawalpindi should go for Cosmesurge International Hospital. If you are interested in learning more about gentle body-contouring with the innovative WAL procedure, contact us and ask about the benefits and queries of such a treatment. For more details, fill in the consultation form today.