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Fractional Carbondioxide (CO2)

Fractional CO2 treatment in Islamabad and Rawalpindi

This kind of laser skin resurfacing is used against aging signs. Basically, Fractional CO2 treatment  in Islamabad and Rawalpindi refers to ablative and non-ablative anti-aging procedures. Laser skin resurfacing is highly effective for correcting mild to severe skin problems including dark spots and wrinkles. More textural skin changes from sun damage, scars, acne, prior surgeries or deep wrinkles can be treated through this treatment.

Results and Benefits:


Deeper the treatment, better the results are generally delivered. Immediate results can be seen right after the treatment but full results are observed after three to four months.Fractional CO2 treatment in Islamabad and Rawalpindi laser treatment gives smooth and less blotchy appearance to skin and stimulates collagen production without damaging outermost layers of skin. Results may vary.


i)   Helps in reducing age spots

ii)   Preserves healthy skin around wound

iii)   Maintains blemish-free and glowing skin

iv)   Renews skin and restores youthful appearance

v)    Minimizes sun damage, acne scars, and fine lines

vi)   Encourages collagen production within facial skin

Who Is Candidate?

Men and women can be selected for the candidacy of Fractional CO2 treatment in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. You are an ideal candidate if:

a)   You have dark and dull skin tone

b)   You are mentally and physically healthy

c)    You have deep creases, wrinkles or fine lines

d)    Your skin have enlarged pores and stretch marks

e)    You are suffering from frustrating skin conditions

f)    You want to attain uniformity of hyperpigmented scars

Aim of Treatment:

This non-surgical skin rejuvenation treatment aims to treat deeper wrinkles, more severe textural changes, saggy skin, blotchiness, acne scar and other damages to skin by brightening and tightening. Fractional CO2 treatment in Islamabad and Rawalpindi is a safest technique used for darker skin types with longest wavelength on all lasers. Lasers effectively target skin’s outer surface, middle and deep dermal levels with accuracy and precision.

Technique We Use:

Improvements in skin texture become visible after getting one treatment but for achieving more cosmetic goals patient can come up with more treatments too. Majority of the procedures are done on out-patient basis. Steps involves are:

  1. The technique can use very short pulse light energy or continuous light beams.
  2. These laser beams that are transferred in a scanning patternt
  3. Thin layers of skin are removed that also causes minimal heat damage to surrounding tissues.
  4. Such technique is successfully treating acne, wrinkles, scars as well as benign skin growth such as warts, birth marks and other skin problems throughout the world.
  5. Patients are encouraged to seek out surgeons with documented training and experience in laser surgery.


Recovery period of this non-surgical treatment varies person to person depending on patient’s healing ability and depth of resurfacing. It is important to follow instructions for promoting progress towards new physical appearance. Usually, it takes about three to ten days in healing completely. Redness and bruising settles down after 2 to 3 days of treatment. Moisturizers and sunscreen is recommended to apple on daily basis.

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