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Port Wine Stain in Islamabad and Rawalpindi

Port Wine Stains:

These stains are the reddish-purplish birthmarks that cause discoloration of the skin. They are caused by an abnormal formation of tiny blood vessels usually on neck, face or scalp. Most of the infants are born with a patch of skin which looks different to their usual skin color. Port (alcoholic drink) is red in color that’s why it is called as ‘port wine stains’. These marks continue to grow over age as the baby grows. Port Wine Stain in Islamabad and Rawalpindi doesn’t fade on its own and demands cosmetic treatments.

Results and Benefits:


Final results are seen after few weeks of the treatment. The outcomes achieved from Port Wine Stains Treatment in Islamabad and Rawalpindi are permanent. However, in rare cases they may return back. For that, patient has to under with the procedure again. The treated spots become increasingly red for 10 more days. At about one month, the treated site begins to fade and will continue to lighten for 2 to 3, months after which clearing can be seen and evaluated.


  • It is a non-surgical and most effective way
  • It uses laser beams to treat skin without bruising
  • It returns back the lost self-esteem and self-confidence to kids
  • It helps in fading vascular birth marks that last into adulthood
  • It treats PWS and other skin lesions with prominent red blood vessels

Who Is Candidate?

Whether you are in your infant stage or in adulthood, you can be evicted for the candidacy. You are a good candidate of Port Wine Stain Removal in Islamabad if:

  • You want to make birthmark less visible
  • You expect positive outcomes of the treatment
  • Your port wine stains have darkened over years
  • Your marks have become thickened and pebbled

Aim of Treatment:

Most often, PWS are seen on face, neck and can appear on any part of the body. The Port Wine Stain Treatment in Islamabad and Rawalpindi has the aim of sealing off the blood vessels through lasers. Generally, these marks don’t cause any harm and aren’t consider signs of any serious medical condition. Sometimes, the sufferers of PWS also suffer from glaucoma that is a condition which leads to blindness.

Technique We Use:

Birthmarks can be treated by using multiple techniques. Most commonly used are intense pulse light (IPL) and laser treatment. Depending on the size of stains, time required to treat these marks through laser technology varies. The steps involved in carrying out the procedure are:

  • For assuring comfort to patients, numbing cream or anesthesia is applied.
  • Skin care specialist gently moves the laser device over the affected area.
  • Laser beams penetrate deep into the skin and cause destruction of abnormal blood vessels.
  • This plays significant role in correcting malformation of the capillaries.
  • After completing the procedure, ice packs are placed on the area of treatment to avoid discomfort.


Broad spectrum sunscreens are usually recommended to apply before and after the procedure. Avoid rubbing your treated area as it may hinder the heading process. Patients are advised to clean the area two to three times daily by using an antibacterial soap for first seven to ten days.

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