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Hand Rejuvenation with Fat Transfer

hand-rejuvenation In Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Peshawar, & PakistanAfter face, hands are considered dominating feature that is visible to other people. With the proceeding age, people find prominent looking, veins, bones and tendons in the hands. Most of the people come through this condition due to the lost volume that causes skin to get shrink and wrinkled. COSMESURGE is providing hand rejuvenation with fat transfer in Islamabad for men and women who are losing soft tissues between bones of the hands with age. The treatment restores youthful texture of the hands.

Results and Benefits:


Dramatic changes are being observed immediately. Improved hand structure and enhanced skin texture is being achieved. Hand rejuvenation in Islamabad & Rawalpindi yields effective results that last for years and the treatment can be repeated when required again. Smooth, soft and wrinkle free hands makes people feel happy about their appearance.


  • Hands look naturally youthful
  • Relatively easy and simple procedure
  • Makes person to look younger than the age
  • Safe procedure with no risks of complications
  • Makes person to feel good about the way he looks
  • Restores volume, fullness and tightens skin elasticity

Who Is Candidate?

Often people neglect their hands and don’t consider it a special feature. But today people are more conscious about their overall appearance and consider hands as dominating feature of personality. You can be selected for candidacy if:

  • You have age spots
  • Your medical lab tests are clear
  • You have bony appearance of hands
  • You have prominent veins and vessels
  • You are not a victim of any skin allergy
  • Your hands have thin and wrinkled skin
  • You have real expectations towards the technique

Aim of Treatment:

Many people feel great embarrassment and desire to look for a procedure that can reduce the signs of aging. Medical science has made available a treatment ‘hand rejuvenation’ that aims to improve the texture and tone of hands through fat transferring procedure. It works by fading discoloration, tightening of skin tissues and restoring fullness.

Technique We Use:

Fat transfer technique involves a unique procedure that takes little time to get completed. The treatment consists of following steps:

  • The very first step of the procedure involves liposuction. Fat from a body part is removed specifically from thighs and then transferred to hands.
  • The area from where fat is removed is administered under local anesthesia so that the patient does not feel any kind of discomfort or pain.
  • Thin tubes involved in liposuction suck fat deposits once the incisions are created.
  • Incisions are made closed with sutures.
  • Extracted fat is inserted into the hand that adds volume and fullness.
  • Fatty material is deposited layer by layer and in result forms a very smooth layer.


Pain, redness and swelling can be observed right after the treatment. No need to worry it’s normal and heals within 2-3 weeks. But it is not always the case some of the people don’t see any swelling and recovers in a week. Patients can use their hands in any kind of activity they want perform after 1 week. Patients are advised to avoid fast movements of hands as it can interrupt in healing process. Recovery is surprisingly easy with increased levels of satisfaction.

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Clients and patients are comfortable and satisfied. Our facility is clean, comfortable, and even has a luxurious feel. Cosmesurge International Hospital  is providing hand rejuvenation with fat transfer in Islamabad & Rawalpindi want their clients and patients to feel like they are spending the day at spa rather than undergoing plastic surgery. Fill in the consultation form now!