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Filler Injections In Islamabad

Fillers are helping people by creating smooth and fuller appearance in facial features including nasolabial folds, cheeks and lips and for increasing the volume of the back of the hand. Filler Injections in Islamabad are primarily used for the removal or improvement of acne scars, correction of facial lines, creases, wrinkles and adding volume to chin, lip or cheeks. Such filler are injected deep into the skin without surgery or downtime.

Results and Benefits Of Filler Injections:


Instant results that you can see for yourself is an even bigger perk to filler injections. Patients may need more than one injection to get the desirable smoothing/filling effect. Successful results will depend on the health of the skin, the skill of the doctor, and amount and type of filler used. The time that the effect lasts depends on the filler material used and the area where it is injected.


  • Cost effective way to look younger
  • Plumps lips and aesthetically reshapes nose
  • Rejuvenates and brightens up overall facial profile
  • Smoothens wrinkles and lines attaining even skin tone
  • Refills volume to chin and cheeks through fat injections

Who Is Candidate For Filler Injections?

You can be a good candidate for injectable fillers in Islamabad and Rawalpindi if:

  • You have good physical health
  • You want to reduce effects of facial aging
  • You have positive outlook for the treatment
  • You are committed to maintain good skin health
  • You want to restore smoother and younger looking face

Aim of Treatment:

With the goal of enhancing and improving facial issues and correcting minor deformities of chin, nose and cheek, Filler Injections in Islamabad is becoming a common trend as compare to face-lifting procedures. Sometimes the treatment works by adding volume to cheeks and sometimes fills the depression and hollows under the eyes.

Technique We Use For Filler Injections:

Just before the actual treatment, the area will be cleaned, and you may be given a topical anesthetic to numb the area prior to injection. This helps in minimizing discomfort during and after your treatment. Your provider will then inject a precise amount of filler strategically beneath the skin. Immediate results after receiving injections are achieved.


Filler Injections procedures in Islamabad is minimally invasive, which means that they can be done with very minimal recovery. They’re even done without anesthesia, so you can get them done on your lunch hour during the work week. Dermal fillers can be applied in one or multiple sessions, and as often as needed. Some people might feel swelling and bruising which is normal settling down in one to two days.

Schedule a Free Consultation

There are a number of Filler Injections currently available on the market, but not every filler works for every patient. Some fillers work well for other patients and some are better suited for specific areas of the face. That’s why a patient consultation is really important. You can schedule one with Cosmesurge International Hospital in Islamabad and Rawalpindi by filling the form.