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What Is FUT?

Follicular unit extraction (FUT), also termed as strip method, is one of the surgical hair restoration techniques in which linear strip of tissues from sides and back of scalp is extracted in order to assemble permanent roots. Extracted hair from the donor area is transplanted into area of baldness (recipient area). Each sliver patch is detected through microscopic dissection and converted into small follicular units/grafts. It is adapted utilizing natural-farming clusters of single, double or triple hair grafts. Once the follicular units are processed, expert practitioner tends to create tiny holes in the scalp to deliberately insert prepared follicular unit grafts. Strip method in Islamabad is looking for its patients to deal with their hair related issues.

Results And Benefits:

About 90% of hairs grow naturally on the scalp at one time. Both men and women are undergoing with hair loss problems arising due to age, disease, heredity and other environmental factors as well. With the availability of hundreds of hair loss treatments people are focused to turn to hair transplant solutions because of its fast recovery and no discomfort. Natural long lasting results accomplishing higher bald grade are achieved.

  • Promotes natural looking hairline
  • Less labor intensive for physicians
  • Generally commits maximal hair yield
  • More flexible the scalp, better the results
  • Develops a single linear scar at the donor site
  • Attain enduring hair roots for permanent results
  • Various sessions do not boost hazards of scarring
  • Exceeding aesthetic value attempted by micro graft
  • Minimal invasive technique with faster recovery time
  • Hundreds of grafts can be transplanted in one session
  • Low cost effective than other hair transplantation techniques
  • Contribute to enhance physical appearance and self-confidence
  • FUT Hair Transplant in Islamabad does not demand shaving of full head

Who Is Candidate For Fut Hair Transplant?

Hair loss and hair loss leading to baldness is a natural phenomenon that can happen to anyone because of multiple reasons, in any stage of life. Don’t panic! Permanent hair solution is standing by you. After consultation, the physician comes up with the decision whether the sufferer is a fit candidate or not.

  • You must have donor hair site for bringing back the diminished hair line
  • People with male pattern baldness are considered as impeccable candidate
  • Individuals with realistic positive expectations are preferred
  • People with compelling thinning or baldness and in fit medical health
  • Candidates with permanent hair loss not with temporary seasonal issues

In deciding candidacy of FUT in Islamabad and Rawalpindi number of grafts, density of donor hair, color and texture of hair, skin complexion and hair/skin type are commonly considered by the physician.

Aim Of Treatment:

With the advancing technology, FUT is aiming to deal up hair loss problems and baldness by regaining thicker head of hair and granting sufferers to bring back lost youthful appearance. With the goal of transplanting hair for preserving natural goal, FUT Strip Hair Transplant in Islamabad utilizing surgical procedure is considered to be the best procedure for the people afflicted by permanent hair loss.

Technique We Use For Fut Hair Transplant:

For achieving hair restoration goal, expert surgeons undergo with few steps in order to deliver expected results.

  1. Consultation and Examination:

Surgeon starts the procedure by comprehensively consulting patient for getting the root cause of hair loss/baldness. During this session, sufferer is made clear about the procedure, results and side-effects of the treatment. Furthermore, sufferer is asked about the expected results and expectations.

  1. Undergoing Local Anesthesia:

Surgery is processed by injecting local anesthesia to the donor area. The primary purpose of applying anesthesia is to cause numbness so that procedure can be carried out with no discomfort to patient.

  1. Strip Extraction:

This step involves extraction of linear strip of hair by conferring two parallel cuts from the back of the head (donor area).The strip is converted into sliver that  constitutes number of  grafts dissected under microscope. Each graft consists of follicular units. Undissolvable stitches are used to close the incisions after removal of hair strip.

  1. Assembling Recipient Site:

It needs much of the care in designing hairline, allowing grafts to be inserted. Positioning angle and direction is outlined in a way to get natural aesthetic outcomes. Micro sized incisions are constructed with the help of blades or needles.

  1. Grafting:

This step demands maximum time and effort for placing grafts into the labeled positions. Individual graft is inserted into the incisions for concluding the procedure. Same step is followed while performing FUE Hair Transplant as well.


Recovery, healing and allowing new hair to grow are being obliged after delivering long lasting dramatic results through FUT hair transplant in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. Dissolvable stitches used during the procedure are not required to remove as they get dissolved by themselves. It takes approximately 12 days for better healing. Numbness, redness, bruising and swelling can be felt right after the treatment.


Expert hair restoration doctors and surgeons are evaluating each hair loss patient with comprehensive procedure at Cosmesurge International Hospital in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. For more details regarding your issues fill up the consultation form and find answers of your queries.