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Best Neck lift surgery in Islamabad

It involves a plastic surgery procedure in which extra skin from the neck is removed in order to give a very well defined neck and jaw line. Neck is considered to be the first body part where aging symptoms start to appear. In addition to aging, excessive sun exposure and sudden loss of body weight may also significantly contribute in giving rise to lose saggy skin around chin, jaw line and neck. Most of the people don’t find this feature to give more importance. But people who are more conscious about their appearance seek for an ideal solution.

Results and Benefits:


Smooth, slim and youthful looking neck is achieved when the surgery is performed by an experienced plastic surgeon. It requires best healing in order to get improved neck contour. Aesthetic results are being delivered in about six months once the incision line disappears. Results may vary person to person.


  • Remodels neck, chin and jaw line
  • Disposes off sagging and banding neck
  • Gives elegant contours to neck and face
  • Fades the aging spots, lines and wrinkles
  • Tightens underlying soft tissues, muscles and skin

Who Is Candidate?

If you want to consider cosmetic procedure for neck contouring firstly consult an experienced surgeon and make sure your candidacy for the treatment. You are a suitable candidate for neck lift surgery in Islamabad if:

  • You are above age of 18
  • You are in good overall health
  • You have extra skin and fat on the neck
  • Your skin is necessarily elastic and flexible
  • You have excess fat deposition under the chin
  • You are not suffering from any serious skin condition

Aim of Treatment:

The neck loses natural looking contours due to heredity, environmental factors, sun exposure, unbalanced diet, stress and many others. With the aim of removing saggy skin from neck and chin, the treatment also aims to treat the abnormal muscle banding in the neck. Jowls that take place due to relaxation of skin in the lower face are also treated by using diverse techniques of neck lifting.

Technique We Use:

Neck lift surgery in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan takes 3-4 hours to get completed. Sufferer is administered under local or general anesthesia depending on the patient’s need and choice of surgeon. Steps included are:

  1. Selection of anesthesia:

The surgeon will choose best for you (local/general) in order to make you feel no discomfort during the entire treatment.

  1. Creation of incisions:

Two types of incisions can be created depending on the changes you wish for.

  • Traditional neck lift:

This type of incision is created in the hairline along the side burn. The surgeon continues downward around the ear and ends on hair on the back.  Unwanted fat deposits from jowls and neck are usually carved that give rise to tightening of platysma muscle. Soft tissues that lie under the skin layers are repositioned and skin is trimmed off.

  • Limited incision neck lift:

As the name shows, the results delivered through these incisions are limited. The incisions are only created around the ear in the type of neck lift in Islamabad & Rawalpindi. Incisions are much shorter as compare to traditional neck lift.

  1. Incisions closure:

Skin glue or sutures are normally used for closing the incisions. Dissolvable suture are used that doesn’t require removing. These sutures removed by themselves by getting dissolved.  Incision line fades after better healing.


Neck lift surgery in Islamabad demands a very brief recovery period. Patients get back to their daily routine within a week. In first 24-48 hours sufferer fee little difficulty in physical movement. But with the passage of time when the surgery fully heals, he comes back to normal state. Loose fitting clothes are advised to wear for first 2-3 weeks. With that, weight lifting exercising is strongly prohibited. Full neck contour with best results are achieved in about six months.

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You don’t have to hide your upper neck beneath a turtleneck sweater or scarves anymore. A neck lift is a rather simple cosmetic surgical procedure, and it can greatly improve your appearance and lift your self-esteem. At Cosmesurge International Hospital in Islamabad and Rawalpindi, we proudly serve our clients by delivering very satisfying results. Contact us today by filling the consultation form to schedule your free consultation.