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Laser Tattoo Removal In Islamabad

A long time ago tattoos were considered to be permanent but today it can be removed partially or completely by using laser beams. Laser tattoo removal is particularly easy to perform but the science behind this is really advanced. People, who want to remove their tattoos permanently or want to fade prior ones to come up with the new, should go for this treatment. The technique of laser tattoo removal in Islamabad and Rawalpindi involves use of high intensity of laser lights to breakdown the black or colored pigments of tattoos. Other than celebrities, the trend of tattoo making in ordinary people is touching the height of sky. Therefore, the demand for tattoo removal has been also increased.

Results and Benefits:


Sufferers are generally ambitious to see significant outcome right after one treatment. But it’s not the case. Laser tattoo removal needs 4-5 treatments to remove unwanted tattoos permanently. With the expertise and skills, Cosmesurge makes progress every time you sit for the treatment.  Results vary with undergoing number of treatments you want.


It’s important to keep in mind the benefits and advantages of laser tattoo removal in Islamabad to come up with a strong decision.

i)  No surgery or scarring needed

ii)  Considered to be a painless technique

iii)  Safer than other traditional treatments

iv)  Minimal risk of infections and side effects

v)  You can get rid of tattoo from the skin for whole life

Who Is Candidate?

Laser tattoo sufferers are highly image conscious and motivated. You can be a candidate for the procedure if:

a)  You are in good general health

b)  You have realistic expectations

c)  You want to remove tattoo permanently

d)  You want to remove tattoo for getting the new one

e)  You are non-smoker, favorable immune system delivers best results

f)  You understand time commitments for multiple sessions of laser tattoo removal in Islamabad

Aim of Treatment:

With the aim of removing or lightening of tattoos, laser treatment is helping many people with unwanted body design throughout the world. Depending on age and location, depth and color, skin type, immunity strength and expertise of dermatologist the technique targets different colored tattoos by applying laser beams of different wavelengths. With the penetration power these beams play a diverse role in laser removal process.

Technique We Use:

Laser tattoo removal might look simpler than getting inked, but it’s actually a really complicated process that shouldn’t be relied on as a casual solution to a permanent problem. It consists of multiple sessions depending on size and depth of the tattoo. The technique we use for laser tattoo removal in Islamabad and Rawalpindi is not painful and comprised of following steps:

  • Dermatologist starts the procedure by applying local anesthesia on the area that needs tattoo removal.
  • This is done to cause numbness and the sufferer won’t feel any discomfort.
  • After that the process continues by applying high laser radiations that penetrates deep into the skin.
  • This step results in breakdown of tattoo’s ink by using heat energy.
  • Diverse colored tattoos can be removed with the help of beams of different wavelengths.


Once you are done with laser treatments, you are advised to take care of treated area from ultra violet radiations for few days. Little irritation, tenderness and redness can be felt but it will normalize in 2-3 days. The more the tattoo is closer to your heart the more it will fade faster, as compare to the tattoo on foot and hand. This is because of more immune cells and increased BP in the areas closer to heart. It takes 1-2 weeks for complete recovery with high success rate. ink grail tattoos islamabad islamabad. tattoos in islamabad

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