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Thigh lift Treatment in Islamabad and Rawalpindi 

Thigh lift

Sometimes excess fat and skin accumulates on thigh region making people to look older, heavier and less fit. Thigh lift in Islamabad and Rawalpindi removes such fatty deposits and loose saggy skin for contouring thighs with better tone and texture. Cosmesurge is offering an ideal quick fix to achieve smooth, firm and attractive upper legs. Once you are done with cosmetic surgery, you enjoy attractive looking transformed changes.

Results and Benefits:


Immediate results are not delivered. Right after the surgery, thighs appear swollen, bruised and red in appearance will last for few days during recovery period. Depending on expertise of surgeon, patients come up with slimmer, young looking and smoothly contoured thighs. Our expert team is changing thinking of the sufferers by delivering pleasing outcomes. As each patient is different so different results may be achieved.


  • Safest and effective treatment
  • Brings natural definition to thighs
  • Eliminates stubborn pounds of fat
  • Minimizes and softens stretch marks
  • Plays role in muscle tightening for improving contour

Who Is Candidate?

Anyone who extra folded skin and excess of fat pockets in upper legs, hips, thighs and buttock can go for thigh lift in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. You fit for candidacy if:

  • You are medically healthy and fit
  • You have saggy skin around upper legs
  • You are unpleased with existing contour
  • You have realistic expectations for thigh lift

Aim of Treatment:

Thigh lift in Islamabad and Rawalpindi is dealing with patients who are not happy with their physical appearance. The treatment aims to reshape thighs by providing natural looking contours through skin and fat removal. By delivering desired cosmetic goals the surgery gives more youthful and proportionate body image. People with poor skin elasticity and flexibility are recommended to undergo thigh lifting procedure with liposuction.

Technique We Use:

The technique we use for delivering lifting effects to thighs includes following steps:

  1. Anesthesia:

General anesthesia or intravenous sedation is usually applied before starting the surgical procedure. By doing so, surgery is carried out comfortably as patient does not feel any pain or discomfort.

  1. Incision creation:

Incisions are created after administering the area that need to be treated. According to surgeon’s preference, incisions are positioned accurately and precisely.

  • Inner thigh lift incision:

One technique utilized for a thigh lift places incision points in the groin region, making it to expand downward and wrapping around the back of the thigh. Another technique eradicates loosely bound skin from groin to the knees. The incision can also be created only in the area of groin. This is determined by the surgeon.

  • Outer thigh lift incision:

The incisions are created and positioned from groin to the hips and across the back. Such surgery is performed for improving contours of outer thighs.

  1. Closing the incisions:

Deep sutures within underlying skin tissues help to form and support the newly shaped contours. Sutures, skin adhesive tapes or clips may be used to close the skin incisions.


Sufferers need to follow directions directed by surgeon for quick recovery. Make sure to keep incision clean to avoid risks of infections. This helps in better healing process with less downtime. Heavy drinking is restricted as it can impair recovery. The recovery time of each individual is unique. Normally it takes about six to twelve months for completing entire recovery. The incisions often leave scars at the hip, which fade over time and can be hidden by a bathing suit.

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Cosmesurge International Hospital in Islamabad, Peshawar and Rawalpindi offers thigh lift procedure. You can feel confident about your legs and feel great in whatever you decide to wear. If you want more details on exactly how the thigh lift procedure is done and its cost, fill out our consultation and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.