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Eyebrow Hair Transplant

Eye-brow transplant is one of the aesthetically challenging techniques but can produce impressive results when done by expert practitioners. The transplantation technique is helping millions of people who find their eye-brows thin or practically absent. It works same as hair transplant technique  involving extraction of  hairs from scalp and transplanting them into eye-brow/eyelash lacking areas. Eye-brow hair Transplant in Islamabad is recommended to those people who have spent years in plucking out eyebrow hairs and has resulted in non-existence hairs in return, as well as for those who have lost hairs in any accident, injury or burn.

Results and Benefits:

After successful treatment, the transplant delivers a very natural looking result. The aesthetic outcomes are totally dependent on donor area as well as the expertise of surgeon and team.


i  Natural looking dense eye-brows

ii  Well-shaped, thick and even growth

iii  Younger looking appearance

iv  Long lasting outcomes

v  Aesthetic results what you’re looking for, within 6 months


i)  Helps to enhance facial appearance

ii)  Remodeling of misshapen eye-brows

iii)  Cosmetically elegant and safe procedure

iv)  Powerful cosmetic tool that can carve permanent arcs

v)  One of the cosmetic surgeries with minimal complications

vi)  Opportunity to restore hair in same way as native’s hairs grow

Who is Candidate For Eyebrow Hair Transplant?

You are an ideal candidate for eyebrow transplantation in Islamabad and Rawalpindi if:

i)  You desire to remodel the shape and arch

ii)  You want to attain high density of eyebrow

iii)  You look ugly because of hairless areas on face

iv)  You are medically fit and have realistic expectations

v)   Your eye-brows are losing hair due to genetic factors

vi)  You have lost hairs due to an accident, trauma or burn

vi)  Your eyebrows are shedding with age or because of any disease

Aim Of Treatment:

With the advancement in medical science, another modern technique has approached the cosmetic surgeons to solve the problems of eye-brow sufferers. The eye-brow restoration technique aims to furnish intact eyebrows with long lasting outcomes.  Following a surgical procedure, both men and women can boost the eye-brow hair loss and thinning. The treatment is focusing on shaping and increasing the desired density of eyebrows. Besides that it is helping many people in getting back their lost confidence and overcoming eyebrow defects.

Technique We Use For Eyebrow Hair Transplant :

The technique works same as does FUE works. The procedure of eyebrow transplant in Islamabad involves relatively a simple technique that demands surgeon’s accuracy and precision to achieve better natural results. The surgery takes 3-4 hours in completing a single treatment.

1) Use of Anesthesia:

Local anesthesia is generally applied before starting the procedure. The purpose of anesthesia application is to cause numbness in order to carryout the procedure with no discomfort.

2)  Preparing donor area:

After applying anesthesia donor area is prepared to extract  hair follicles from the scalp and insert them in recipient area, in order to observe significant hair growth.

3)  Hair extraction:

Once the donor area is anesthetized, by using FUE technique hair follicular units are extracted. This is one of the painless and scar less procedures. The surgeon starts to extract the desired number of hair grafts and place them in areas that lack eye-brows.

4)  Designing of recipient area:

This step requires much of surgeon’s accuracy and precision. By keeping in mind the desired shape and density of eyebrow, he initiates proper designing in order to place extracted grafts into the positioned angles. Recipient area is undergone with local anesthesia.

5)  Grafts insertion:

After positioning of eyebrow’s accurate angle and arch, grafts are inserted into the marked incisions that stimulate the growth in hairless areas. Depending on surgeon’s expertise and skills, the entire procedure results in successful outcomes with natural looking brow line.


Sufferers are advised to follow the prescribed after care program for better natural results. Swelling and bruising can be felt in start which will tremendously recover within two days. The treated area takes about 5-6 days to get healed. Once you are recovered you will notice high density of hairs in eye brows with the perfect looking shape according to your desires.

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