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DIEP Flap Treatment

DIEP Flap Treatment In Islamabad :

Deep inferior epigastric perforator artery is abbreviated as DIEP which runs through the abdomen. This treatment reconstructs the breast by cutting fat, skin and blood vessels from the belly and moving them to chest area. Microsurgery is performed by the surgeon for reattaching the blood vessels of flap to the blood vessels in chest. DIEP Flap Treatment in Islamabad and Rawalpindi  reshapes the size of breast effectively with less post-surgical effects.

Results and Benefits:


This treatment delivers very natural looking and long-lasting results. COSMESURGE is one of the most leading hospitals of Pakistan that achieves best results after customizing the procedure to patient’s needs and body type.


  • It reduces the risk of hernia or bulge
  • It is a new and more complex version of TRAM flap
  • No foreign objects are used, it uses patient’s own skin and fat
  • It forms more natural breasts than the breasts of implantation
  • In addition, it also help in improving the contour of the abdomen
  • It leaves a person with fewer core strength problems as no muscle is removed

Who Is Candidate?

DIEP Flap Treatment in Islamabad and Rawalpindi  is a popular procedure but isn’t recommended for all women. It is not a best option for women:

  • Who don’t have extra belly tissues
  • Who had prior abdominal surgeries
  • Who already had tummy tuck or colostomy
  • Who have very small blood vessels in the abdomen
  • Whose blood vessels are not in best location for DIEP flap

Aim of Treatment:

Women who had mastectomy therapy need to undergo with the different phases of DIEP flap over time. When you are done with mastectomy, tissue expander is placed and after few months rebuilding of breasts can be initiated. It aims to reconstruct the breasts by using body’s own tissues to deliver more natural results.

Technique We Use:

The technique we use comprises three basic steps that are discussed below:

Stage 1:

The procedure starts with microsurgery. During this step, the surgeon cuts the flap of skin from the abdomen and is placed at the site of mastectomy. Surgeon carefully attempts to keep alive the removed flap. It takes 4 hours to reconstruct a single breast and 6-7 hours for reconstructing both the breasts.

Stage 2:

Corrective surgery is performed on the area from where flap is removed. This is done for the cosmetic concerns. The surgeon carries out such surgical process after few months of stage 1.

Stage 3:

Patient is administered under local anesthesia during this step of DIEP Flap Treatment in Islamabad and Rawalpindi . It involves reconstruction of the nipples by recreating the areola. About a month and a half you are advised to meet the surgeon for final touch-up.


Most of the women recover quickly as no muscle is used for DIEP Flap Treatment in Islamabad and Rawalpindi . There is a lower risk of losing abdominal muscle strength as compare to other TRAM flap procedures. Soreness in the abdominal incisions can be experienced. Sufferers are encountered to do some gentle walking on second day after surgery.  You can resume to normal daily activities after 4-5 weeks.

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At Cosmesurge International Hospital, breast reconstruction through DIEP Flap Treatment in Islamabad and Rawalpindi lessens the physical and emotional impact of mastectomy. During consultation, you can discuss your specific aesthetic goals and personal health concerns with plastic surgeon, so that you can work together to find an approach that will give you the best possible results.  Contact us today to learn more about our services or book a free consultation to get started with your treatment.