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Gynecomastia in Islamabad Services for Male Breast Reduction

Gynecomastia in Islamabad Rawalpindi

Gynecomastia in Islamabad Services

This is the condition mainly found in the male gender for characterizing the increased number of breast tissues leading to breast enlargement. The major cause found is the disproportion of the estrogen and testosterone hormones. An extensive procedure used for reducing the size of breasts in men is known as male breast reduction surgery. Infants, boys during puberty, and young matured men can undertake this condition. Hormones’ response to breast tissues is disporting a vital role frequently in many individuals. Gynecomastia in Islamabad Rawalpindi & Peshawar has been taken as bound controversy as it lowers the victim’s self-esteem and makes him feel disconcerted.

Results and Benefits:

Permanent long-lasting results have been observed. Soreness and Inflammation can occur after surgery which can last for a few days and will be recovered with time. The surgery results in leveling out and complementing the chest line by reducing the size of the breast. A number of removed tissues through male breast reduction does not constitute to be within view in later life stages. You will be contented and pleased after the results, fulfilling your expectations.


  • Removal of surplus breast tissues
  • Adjusting to normal size of the breast
  • Advancing figuration of the body
  • Allowing hidden muscles to show up


  • Increment self-confidence
  • Free your mind from discomforts and stress
  • Smooth level chest permits for fitted clothing
  • Make you committed to physical activities, exercise and athletics
  • Uplifting features of life by increased levels of mobility and comfort
  • Make you feel stable and masculine instead of convincing to feel feminine

Who Is Candidate?

Male breast reduction surgery can be considered by individuals having levelheaded expectations of any age. Safe and effective results of Gynecomastia can be driven through this surgery enforced by an expert practitioner. You are a good candidate if:

  •  You have large size of breast
  • You have elastic skin for facing new conformations
  • You must be healthy medically with no other serious conditions
  • Smokers and drug addicts cannot undergo this breast surgery

Aim Of Treatment:

Male breast reduction in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Peshawar is having the aim of treating Gynecomastia by reducing the breast size of the patients to give them a stress-free life. The tremendous surgery is elevating size, symmetry, and contours with tightening of male breasts. Physically, it helps you in saying goodbye to unappealing breasts for showing off hidden muscles and making you feel emotionally comfortable as well.

Techniques We Use:

Advanced techniques are confessing to allow you a short surgery with quick recovery to build your lost confidence, removing extra glandular tissues from your breast. If you are uncomfortable in going to physical activities because of your enlarged breasts, you are permitted to consider male breast reduction/Gynecomastia Surgery in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Peshawar & Pakistan

1) Treatment with liposuction:

If the breast size is increased due to the extra deposition of fat then the patients are advised to undertake this type of surgery. It is far-reaching in nominating your professional surgeon as the technique demands much care and concentration.

Steps Involved:

  1. The surgery initiates by applying local or general anesthesia to the victims.
  2. On the sides of chest, required incisions are created depending on breast size.
  3. Incision on the edge of areola or interior to armpit are positioned, this step is decided by surgeon according to his preference.
  4. Once the incisions are located, the practitioner will slightly remove excessive fat from the breast.
  5. Following the incisions created in the chest, the surgery will give rise to new chest look with moderate amount of fat.

2) Treatment with tissue excision:

Excision surgery is preferred for victims with a large breast size due to extra glandular tissues. People having extra sagging skin can undertake this surgery carried out by professional cosmetic surgeons in Gynecomastia surgery in Islamabad and Rawalpindi.

Steps Involved:

  1. Sedation for putting the patient to sleep or anesthesia (local/general) can be used as the first step.
  2. Normally, incisions are positioned around areola and sides of the breasts resulting in scars.
  3. Protruding scars are made unobtrusive and this can only be carried out carefully by an expert surgeon.
  4. Extra glandular tissues are excised following placement of stitches with the help of sutures.

3) Treatment with liposuction and tissue excision:

The combined treatment with liposuction and tissue excision is done when the cores of the enlarged breasts are both the excess fats and more glandular tissues.


On the same of surgery, patients are advised to go back to their homes. Initially, male breast reduction surgery in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Peshawar may cause annoyance but a complete recovery is speedy. One can easily return to his work after a week. Soreness and inflammation are visible during the first few days that heal with the passage of time. Lifting heavyweight, exercise, and running are outlawed by the doctors for better healing. For permanent better recovery patients are brief to wear loose comfortable clothes.

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