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Brazilian Buttock Lift

Today most of the men and women are unpleased with their appearance of the backside. As their butt has gone a tremendous change in size and shape due to sudden weight loss, weight gain, pregnancy, aging or genetics. This has caused people to come up with very loosely bound skin and square shaped butt. COSMESURGE is playing a vital role by providing an advanced technique ‘Brazilian buttock’ to smoothly shape the butt. This modern technique uses patient’s own fat deposits instead of using silicone implants/fillers. This is carried out to give more sculpted look that enhances overall appearance. Traditional methods aids in primarily slimming the body whereas this modern method adds volume to the butt.

Results and Benefits:


After carrying out this advanced cosmetic surgery, results may vary person to person. Depending on skills and expertise of the surgeon and equipments being used, patients come up with very satisfying results.  The surgery results in firmer, rigid and rejuvenated back. The aesthetic outcomes last for long.


  • Uses natural body fats, no risk of allergies
  • Safer and less invasive surgical procedure
  • Enhances buttock appearance by adding volume
  • Cuts down risks of infection of saggy skin
  • Productive way to build up body curves

Who Is Candidate?

People above age of 18 can be selected for the surgery. To have a curvy and attractive looking body shape is usually a desire of young generation. You can be an ideal candidate if:

  • You maintain balanced diet and exercise
  • You are physically and medically healthy
  • You feel like your butt lack fullness and is flat
  • You have enough fatty material for liposuction
  • You have satisfactory assumptions for the surgery
  • You don’t consume alcohol and you are non-smoker

Aim of Treatment:

The demand for butt augmentation is increasing day by day with more females seeking shapely and more firm backside. Brazilian Butt lift in Islamabad is aiming to deal with the problems related to physical appearance by providing an ideal solution. This technique takes action when diet and exercise doesn’t work. The new cosmetic procedure is working to reshape and enhance the buttock size of people who are unhappy with their existing butt.

Technique We Use:

The technique we use involves a fat transferring procedure from the area that has excess fat deposition more specifically abdomen and thighs to the buttock. It takes about 3-4 hours to get completed. Brazilian butt lift in Islamabad, Rawalpindi & Pakistan consists of two major steps that are discussed below:

  • Before starting the procedure, the patient is administered under local anesthesia so that he will be unconscious about what is going on.
  • In first step, fatty deposits are extracted from fat rich area by creating incisions. The technique involved in this step is called as ‘liposuction’. By doing so the body becomes slimmer and properly shaped.
  • In second step, extracted fatty material is further purified and reinserted into the backside (butt and hip) that lacks fullness. Completing the whole procedure, sutures are used for closing incisions.


After getting a successful treatment patients are advised to walk for few minutes at the night of surgery. This is said so to improve the circulation of blood and minimize the risks of blood clots. Comfortable and loose garments should be preferred during the whole recovery and healing phase. Little swelling and bruising may take place in the area that used to harvest fats which subsides within few days. A fully curved and natural looking fixture is observed in about six months.

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