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Hair Transplant Benefits and Side Effects

hair Transplant benefits and side effects

Let’s walk through some of the benefits of Hair transplant surgery and side effects. Hair transplantation is immensely changing the lives of hundreds of people by making them look younger once again. When we over looked Hair Transplant benefits and side effects, It works by relocating hair follicles obtained from the donor area on the patient’s scalp to the area lacking hairs. This ideal hair solution is welcoming both men and women whole-heartedly to give them a youthful appearance by eliminating baldness and covering the receding hairline. The outcomes are so good to the point that the dominant part of the general population is not able to tell that you have got a hair transplant. Let’s discuss the potential Benefits of Hair Transplant in Islamabad, Rawalpindi to get you started:

Natural process: Hair Transplant Benefits and side effects

A large number of people have hesitations when it comes to Hair Transplant Surgery. They think they have to go with exhaustive operation or insertion of implants. But it is not the real case. The surgeon proceeds with the procedure by implanting your own hairs on the area of baldness. This process is safe, effective & natural and is considered at the leading edge benefit of hair transplant surgery. Natural looking results are achieved that confuse other people to distinguish between the natural hairs and transplanted ones.

Enhances overall look:

Baldness and thinning of hair greatly affects mental health of the sufferers. They usually suffer from depression and lose self-confidence. Most of the time, people make fun of them and subject them to mockery. One of the other benefits of hair transplant is that it increases hair density, improves physical appearance and returns lost confidence.

A permanent solution: One of the most acknowledged Hair Transplant Benefits

Unlike other topical treatments that deal with balding issues, hair transplant surgery offers reliable and permanent solutions to sufferers. You easily say goodbye to your hair issues after getting the treatment. There won’t be any receding hairline or bald spots on your head for a long period of time. By delivering long-lasting aesthetic outcomes COSMESURGE is fulfilling the expectations of its patients.

Requires low maintenance:

Transplanted hairs look and work like natural hairs therefore they require minimal maintenance. You don’t have to use special medicated shampoos/chemicals and no extra care is required. Treat them in a way you treat your natural hairs. You can trim and style them whenever you want.


Hair transplant is a one-time procedure. Once you are done with the treatment, you don’t have to spend money on additional sessions. However, cost varies according to the type of procedure you choose and skill of your surgeon.

Among hair transplant benefits and side effects we should discuss some impact too. If done in an unprofessional manner there may be many side effects which are but not limited to scarring, infections, puss, scalp pain, itching, swelling, bleeding etc.

Who Can Benefit?

Many people are losing confidence and a healthy lifestyle due to hair loss problems. Meeting a trichologist and scheduling a consultation with him/her can bring your happiness back. You can be selected for the ideal candidacy if:

  • You have a receding hairline
  • You are losing hair each passing day
  • You feel embarrassed due to baldness
  • Your lost hair pattern has been established
  • You are mentally disturbed because of hair thinning
  • You have permanent hair loss not a seasonal hair issue

Looking For Best Hair Transplant Clinic?

We hope that you have got some valuable insights from our blog post for hair transplant benefits and side effects. If you are suffering from partial baldness you must undergo Hair transplant surgery. CosmeSurge International Hospital in Islamabad and Rawalpindi is a perfect solution for hair related issues and offers a nominal Hair transplant cost!



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