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Tummy Tuck in Islamabad

Tummy Tuck in Islamabad

Are you dissatisfied and unhappy with your belly after a pregnancy or weight loss? Feel confident after Tummy Tuck Surgery “Abdominoplasty” with the most experienced and skilled tummy tuck doctors in Islamabad at Cosmesurge Hospital. A tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) is a surgical procedure that removes excess skin or fat from the front of your abdomen. Tummy Tuck surgery is highly popular among men and women who have loose layers of skin and fatty tissue around their abdomen, which is generally the result of weight loss. Tummy Tuck surgery is also popular among new mothers who want to properly recover from the effects of pregnancy/delivery on their bodies.

Results of Tummy Tuck

This procedure gives you a smooth and flat belly. The end outcome is long-lasting.

The outcome is dependent on the performance of your chosen surgeon. If they perform correctly, you will be pleased with the results; otherwise, you may be disappointed. Always, always, always choose a professional and experienced surgeon for this surgery. Many patients have experienced a rise in self-confidence as a result of being able to wear clothes that they previously couldn’t because of a drooping belly. A belly tuck can give your abdomen a more toned and smaller appearance by removing extra skin and fat and strengthening your abdominal wall. If the candidate (you) maintains constant weight, the results of a tummy tuck surgery will last long.

Swelling and your inability to stand fully erect may disguise the final results of tummy tuck surgery until internal recovery is complete. You should be standing tall and confident in your new profile within a week or two. Your stomach tuck will result in a flatter, more proportional belly contour to your body type and weight. The final outcomes of a Tummy Tuck are seen once the entire internal healing process is completed. Some patients prefer Botox injections to tighten skin.

Who Is The Candidate?

Abdominoplasty is not for everyone. People in their 40s and 50s who are concerned about muscle laxity are usually ideal candidates. Tummy Tuck in Islamabad, Pakistan is appropriate for men and women who want a flat, slender, and smooth tummy. You may be a good candidate for the surgery if you do not have a skin allergy.

  • The candidate must be both mentally and physically sound.
  • The candidate may be dissatisfied with the texture of the belly.
  • A nonsmoker who does not consume alcoholic beverages.
  • Who sincerely believe that the treatment will have great results.
  • Who have unsightly loose skin around your belly.

What Is a Mini Tummy Tuck?

A Mini Tummy Tuck can only remove fat below the belly button. It is typically recommended for patients who have excessive fatty skin between the umbilicus and the public region. It also handles scar removal. A tiny stomach tuck is the same treatment as a full tummy tuck, except that it is performed on a patient who has less fat and skin to remove. Our expert surgeons will make a small incision comparable to the one produced during a caesarean section during a minor tummy tuck. Our surgeons tighten loose muscles, removes extra fat, and removes excess skin through this incision to flatten and smooth your tummy wall. The incision will be created along your bikini line and will be only a few inches long. This surgery leaves minor scars that are readily disguised by underwear and swimsuits. In addition, there will be minimal scarring since, unlike a full tummy tuck, your belly button will not be repositioned or replaced.

Scheduling a consultation with Cosmesurge Hospital is the first step in receiving a small tummy tuck. During this session, our expert surgeons will review your goals and the procedure with you to ensure that it is the best option for you. They will answer any questions you have and provide you with a pricing estimate for your treatment. If you decide to proceed, you will set up an appointment and either pay in full or arrange for financing.

Tummy Tuck Preparation List:

You must consult with our expert plastic surgeon about a tummy tuck before proceeding. During your initial consultation, our plastic surgeon will most likely:

  1. Prepare to answer questions about your present and previous medical conditions. Discuss any medications you’re taking or have recently taken, as well as any procedures you’ve had.
  2. Inform your doctor if you have any pharmaceutical allergies. 
  3. Perform a physical examination. 
  4. Talk about your expectations. 
  5. You may also need to stop smoking before having a tummy tuck. 
  6. Certain drugs should be avoided. Aspirin, anti-inflammatory medicines, and herbal supplements, which can cause bleeding, should be avoided.
  7. Maintain a consistent weight. 
  8. Make arrangements for someone to drive you home from the hospital and to accompany you for at least the first night of your recovery at home.
It is important to get the items you’ll need for recovery ahead of time after Tummy Tuck surgery to ensure a smooth healing process. The following are some of the essential items required following a tummy tuck procedure:
  • Pillow for the body
  • Toilet seat elevator
  • Foods that are healthful and healthy
  • Softeners for stools
  • Wipes with rubbing alcohol
  • Lanyard (for drains)
  • Socks with compression
  • Ointments for scar care

Knowing that you have everything you’ll need well in advance of the surgery can help you relax. Check your abdominoplasty supply list with your plastic surgeon’s office to ensure you haven’t overlooked anything.


The following are the steps involved in the “Tummy Tuck Surgery” Abdominoplasty procedure.

  • First and foremost, the surgeon will deliver general an aesthetic to your tummy.
  • He will then make incisions in the right places. Their lengths and locations will differ depending on the type of procedure.
  • The surgeon will make the necessary changes to improve the appearance of your tummy.
  • Finally, he will stitch all of the wounds closed to conclude the procedure.
Here’s what you may expect from Tummy Tuck;
  1. Before the surgery, the medical team administers general an aesthetic.
  2. Surgeons create incisions across the bikini line while the patient is asleep. 
  3. Surgeons then raise the skin and suture the muscles together while keeping the ideal tightness in mind.
  4. Finally, the skin is addressed by surgeons by tugging it smoothly. This removes any extra skin and guarantees smooth results.

Fast Facts:

  • Cost: 150,000 PKR to 300,000 PKR
  • Surgery time: three hours
  • Recovery time: two to three weeks
  • Anesthesia: General anesthesia


Without a doubt, the patient can have an ideal abdomen by this treatment, but he must maintain a healthy weight. Patients must maintain an ideal body weight if they wish to enjoy the benefits of this procedure for an extended period of time. Muscle exercise is also recommended. It should always be remembered that this procedure is not a replacement for weight loss. Surgeons routinely prescribe pain relievers to help patients feel better. It is not necessary to apply pressure to the sutures; instead, bend your knees and hips. You must wear a surgical corset to decrease swelling and speed up recovery; you should wear it for the first month after surgery. For the next four weeks, avoid intense exercise and activities.

Tummy Tuck Surgery Recovery:

After surgery, you must stay in the clinic for three to four days. Typically, the patient notices a transfusion of salt solution shortly following surgery; this transfusion is generally supplied to meet fluid requirements when he/she or the patient is not drinking. Drainage tubes will most likely be placed on each side of the patient’s lower abdomen. These tubes will drain any blood and serum collections.

Tummy Tuck Surgery Cost In Islamabad Pakistan:

Tummy Tuck costs between 150,000PKR and 300,000PKR on average in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, and Pakistan. You should be aware that there are a few factors that can influence the cost of therapy, such as

  • Choosing a skilled plastic surgeon.
  • The clinic’s location and repute.
  • The area’s size.
  • The amount of fat that you desire to get rid of.
  • The cost of anesthesia.
  • Medical bills and medication costs
Furthermore, if you want to learn more about cost or its determinants, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will give you with all of the important information regarding surgery, procedure and cost.

Tummy Tuck Benefits and Risks:

Tummy Tuck Advantages;

  • Reshapes the contour of the belly area.
  • Increases workout tolerance.
  • Abdominal muscles should be strengthened and tightened.
  • Removes stretch marks and corrects sagging skin.
  • It helps to improve body posture and tone.

    A tummy tuck has potential risks as well;

    • Fluid accumulating beneath theskin (seroma).
    • Wound healing is inadequate.
    • Scarring that was unexpected.
    • Tissue harm.
    • Skin feeling changes.
    • The risk of bleeding, infection
    • Bad reaction to anesthesia.


    Those who are put off by the prospect of tummy tuck surgery have a handful of additional options. Their outcomes are rarely comparable to those of a tummy tuck, but they can be beneficial in some ways. Alternatives to a Tummy Tuck include:



    Why Choose Us?

    You will be in good hands the moment you walk through the doors of our hospital. Cosmesurge Hospital’s professional and expert cosmetic surgeons are particularly focused on “results and safety.” He is well-known for creating a wonderfully curvaceous abdomen. His first concern is for your health, happiness, and privacy.

    It is common for people to be unconvinced about surgery; we can assist on all levels. You put trust on us and we will make sure to provide you with the best results.


    How Long Does A Tummy Tuck Take?

    You should plan on spending at least 3 hours at the operation facility on the day of your treatment. The surgery itself takes around 2 hours, and the rest of the time is spent giving anesthesia and preparing you to go home.

    How Many Sizes Do You Lose With A Tummy Tuck?

    Because different patients with varying body compositions seek this therapy to contour and define their stomachs, the results vary among patients. However, if you choose this surgery, you can anticipate to decrease one to three sizes overall.

    Most women decrease 2 to 3 pants sizes after a tuck, but some patients lose considerably more. If you have excessive loose skin prior to the operation

    How Painful Is A Tummy Tuck Recovery?

    The majority of the severe pain will occur in the first few days following surgery. You can use pain medicine to alleviate the discomfort you are likely to feel. Swelling may persist for up to three months after surgery. When you try to stand up straight, your tummy may feel like it’s being pulled.

    After a tummy tuck surgery, there will be some pain and discomfort, this pain/discomfort will stay with you till a week. On a scale of 1 to 10, pain is commonly considered to be a 6-7 for the first few days to a week, decreasing to a 3 – 4 in the second week.

    Can A Tummy Tuck Reverse Diabetes?

    Tummy tucks are not used to reverse diabetes. The procedure would not improve diabetes on its own, but any weight loss, activity, and dietary changes after your surgery could help you overcome type II diabetes. Following a tummy tuck, patients frequently find it simpler to lose weight and exercise.